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2017 Breeding stock: Black, Chocolate, Blue, Lavender, Lilac, Silver, TriColor
Ancona Duck Hatching Eggs
Ancona Ducks #1
Ancona Ducks #2
Ancona Ducks #3
Ancona Ducks #4
Ancona Duck Colors: Part 1
Ancona Duck Colors: Part 2

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Ancona Ducks: 7 Color Varieties
Black, Chocolate, Blue, Silver, Lilac, Lavender, Tri-Color.

"We received the eggs today and have them in the incubator now! We are very excited! Thank you so much. We are excited to have this breed, particularly. I discovered them reading Carol Deppe's book." -Rob, Boise, Idaho.
This photo is from Krista-Lea.

"We did it!! Thanks!! I am wild about them alll!!! I am in LOVE with them... I mean, head over feet!! They are the most precious things I've seen, and I work with animals and wildlife.... I can't keep away!!! Thanks for everything!!!" -Krista-Lea, Port Jefferson, New York

These 2 photos of Ancona ducklings are from Anya in Durham, North Carolina.

These 2 photos are from Alec.

"Well, our duck hatching has come to a cute and fuzzy end. From our 4 fertile eggs we hatched 3 adorable ducklings. (One egg died between day 18 and 25). Thank you for the eggs and the support. The coloration on the 3 is very different. One is classic Ancona, one is almost all yellow, and one is mostly black." -Alec, Dallas Pennsylvania

The photo on the left is from Laurie in Portland, Oregon.

"I just wanted to give you an update on our eggs, as they were due yesterday evening. We candled them before lockdown. Our two eggs both had external pips as of yesterday morning. No more progress was made during the day yesterday, but last night I checked them before bed, and both seemed to be working on growing their pip holes."

"This morning both had nice big open pip holes. One has now hatched (white egg) and looks great, napping in the incubator. The second (green egg), I can see breathing through it's pip hole and appears fine, just still working on it. We are very hopeful it will hatch today or tonight, and we'll have a friend for the one that's already arrived! Im thrilled that both look like they're going to make it!"
-Britni, Akron, New York

The other 2 photos are from Britni.

Ducklings: So Cute!

These photos are from Krista-Lea in Port Jefferson, New York.

Duck Egg Life Cycle

Hatching eggs is a great project for children. They love it.

This photo is from Krista-Lea in Port Jefferson, New York.

4-Month-Old Ancona Ducklings

"Just wanted to update you on my Ancona babies you sent me, well not babies anymore! They're doing great! The big mouth on the far right is Mrs Quackers and she's the boss, Bay is far left (my shy drake), then Ducknorris (she's the boldest), and our dude Islip aka Irving. Thanks so much, they are are comic relief." -Cheri, Bayshore, New York

These 3 photos are from Laura in Portland, Oregon. The first 2 photos are drakes. You can tell because they have a curly tail.

"The drake pictured that's from you is named Kitty Kitty. He responded everytime I called the cat, so he got that name."

"I feed layer chicken crumble, organic food scraps (mostly veggies) both of those are free feed. They also get tiny bits of goat grain with kelp twice a day when I feed goats. They sometimes munch on the goat hay which is Timothy meadow mix. Then they free range the rest of the time."
-Laura, Portland, Oregon

"Our kindergarten class theme this year is 'Water, Water, Everywhere', and the students have been learning about various water habitats. Therefore, I thought hatching duck eggs would be a great learning experience. We raise chickens at my home, and I am super excited to try to hatch ducks!" -Jennifer, Auburn, Alabama

"I am looking forward to adding some ducks (and these are beautiful) to my flock of hens and two geese. I am planning on letting the goose set on some, and I have a hen setting that I will let hatch a couple." -Tina, West Fork, Arkansas
This photo of 2 adult Ancona ducks is from Cynthia, Elderflower Farm, Talent, Oregon.

"I am very interested in the Ancona duck eggs. I wish to build the future of these wonderful and beautiful ducks!" -Darlene, Harpers Ferry, West Virginia


Buying Ancona eggs.


Nantahala Farm in the Mountains of Western NC
Macon County (close to Cherokee, Graham and Swain Counties)
Topton, North Carolina 28781
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Ancona Ducks
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