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Ancona Duck Hatching Eggs
Ancona Ducks #1
Ancona Ducks #2
Ancona Ducks #3
Ancona Ducks #4
Ancona Duck Colors: Part 1
Ancona Duck Colors: Part 2
David Holderread, Ancona Breeder
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Ancona Ducks: Fun Birds that Make You Smile
Enjoy Ancona ducks on your farm or homestead. Friendly and entertaining.

Ducklings About to Hatch

Ancona duck eggs piping. (Pip= a baby bird chips at the shell so it can hatch.) It can take 24 hours or more for the hatching process to be complete.

"I had 100% hatch rate. Great considering they came to Alaska. I love the colors." -Theresa, Palmer, Alaska

"They are adorable." -Lacy

Ducklings in Incubator

These 2 photos plus the one above are from Keanna in Thorndale, Pennsylvania.

"They truly are beautiful ducks." -Keanna

Angel Ducklings

This photo of 6 ducklings (4 boys, 2 girls) is from Sara. There are two black males, one chocolate male, one lavender male, one silver or lilac female, and one yellow female (who will turn all white).

"Thank you so much for these little angels I cherish so much." -Sara, Fairfax Station, Virginia

Cute Ducklings In Pink Light

"We had 5 of 6 eggs hatch, and they are all healthy." -Debra, Muncie, Indiana

"Your ducks are beautiful and exactly what I am looking for. They are all growing nicely and are as goofy as they are adorable! Some of the 4-week-old females are beginning to try quacking, and it sounds so cute." -Nancy, Lake Orion, Michigan

Ancona Ducklings Having Fun

"It's day 21 of incubation and the ducks are developing beautifully. All the veins still look amazing." -Keanna, Thorndale, Pennsylvania

Sweet Ducklings

These 3 photos are from Roger in Sellersville, Pennsylvania.

"Am in love with what you do on your farm. May God continue to bless your hands." -Nasim, Maya, Congo
Ducklings From Homemade Incubator

"Out of 10 eggs we had 7 successful hatches! I think it was a highly successful hatch rate especially from a homemade incubator. I've included some pics of our 2-day-old little guys and girls. They are adorable and all so different looking!" -Chris, Marietta, Georgia

"I have 4 beautiful ducklings! It appears 2 are the black variety, one is a gorgeous light gray color, and the other is plain yellow. I am tickled to death with them. I am so excited to raise these beautiful ducks and try to get people more acquainted with this breed." -Linda, Middle River, Maryland

Cuddly Ducklings

These 2 photos are from Lynn Ann in Sellersville, Pennsylvania.

"I can't tell you how much we all love them! Iím thrilled! YAY DUCKS! Ancona ducks are the best.

My favorite thing about these ducks are the pattern differences and the surprise we get when they hatch to see what they look like!"
-Lynn Ann

Ducklings Hatched from Green Eggs

This photo is from Lacy in Taylorville, Illinois. I love the black stripes on their feet.

"You sent 7 green plus 5 white Ancona duck eggs. 6 green are fertile. All of the whites are fertile. Someone told me that the green gene could be carried by both the males and females - I plan on banding the green hatchlings so I will be able to track them going forward - I will let you know what my research turns up on the next generation green egg layers." -Kristen, Sharon, Massachusetts

Happy Ducklings Swimming

This photo is from Lauren in Laurel, Maryland.

"I just wanted to tell you that 8 out of 11 hatched! (Pretty good we think.) 2 black and white, 2 white, 1 grey and white, and 3 brown and white. Thank you so much for the opportunity to hatch these lovely babies!" -Lauren

5 Week Old Ancona Ducks

This photo is from Dan in New Hope, Pennsylvania.

A video of the ducklings in this photo playing in their kiddie pool: YouTube Video, 1:26 minutes from Dan.

Two more videos from Dan when these ducklings are 3 weeks old in their kiddie pool: YouTube Video, 52 seconds, and in their farm yard: YouTube Video, 38 seconds.

"The ducklings are 3 weeks old this week. I'm enjoying them immensely. They continually make me smile. They are very smart and excellent swimmers (they absolutely love swimming). I've also found that one of their favorite foods is watermelon." -Dan, New Hope, Pennsylvania

Baby ducklings in their brooding area, running around, having fun. From Dan: YouTube Video, 17 seconds.

"The Ancona ducklings hatched. Two were early, hatching on Wednesday eve. Three hatched Thursday (day 28). One hatched day 29. I moved them to a GQF incubator for hatching on day 26, I noticed 4 had started cracking through their shells. The GQF has a better layout for hatching eggs." -Dan

Two Month Old Ancona Duck

This photo is from Lauren in Laurel, Maryland. This female duck is a Tri-Color.

"These ducks are the cutest little things ever. Love them and plan to order again." -Vicki, Bloomington, Wisconsin

One-Year-Old Ducks

"Our 6 babies are all doing great, happy and healthy and laid eggs for us all through the winter. They are almost a year old. Hard to believe that this time last year we bought eggs to incubate from you!" -Liz, Franklin, North Carolina

Anconas Following Each Other

This is a great photo. Ducks love snow. It is very common to see ducks following one another in a line. Very cute. And now we can wonder why ducks cross the road...

"I thought you might like to see the babies all grown up and enjoying the snow. We love them! They are giving us up to 6 eggs every morning. We ended up with 6 females and 2 males from the 2 batches of eggs we got from you. The extra guy in there is a Khaki Campell / Ancona mix we got earlier." -Betsy, Indian Trail, North Carolina

Ancona Ducks Love Snow

On a snowy day:

"Our ducks came out of the duck house and then turned around and marched back in! Usually they are fine with snow. The crowd over here did finally come out as the day warmed. Normally they are out in any kind of weather and having a good time."

"Just as soon as I think I know what the ducks are going to do, they decide to do something else. When we had ducks on the lake, sometimes they'd be on the water almost full time for months on end. Once they decided that the land was better and stayed mostly on the shore for months."

"We brought the second generation of ducks over to a fenced area when they stopped coming back to go to bed in the predator-proof duck house and decided they wanted to be mostly wild ducks instead. Two drakes survive on the lake, but we lost the hens to predators when they tried to sit on eggs."

"I am endlessly fascinated and entertained by my ducks."

-Elizabeth, Suches, Georgia

2 Age Groups of Anconas

This photo is ducks from 2 hatches of my eggs.

"I thought you might like to see our newest set of babies. The adults in the background were all hatched from your eggs." -Betsy, Indian Trail, North Carolina

Dog Watching Ducks

"She is an Australian Shepherd so once she thinks she has a job, she does it all the way. Here is a picture with her ducks." -Paige, Cincinnati, Ohio


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