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All Hatching Eggs available now. I ship to USA only.
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Rare Dominique Chicken Hatching Eggs for Sale 2016
Hatching eggs available now. Pay below.
A critically endangered old-fashioned heritage breed.
$2.50/egg. Minimum 3 eggs. $15 shipping.

To order eggs, pay below. I email you when I can ship your eggs. Email

It is $15 shipping total even if you order more than 1 breed of egg (Dominique, Brabanter, Bantam, Duck). However, the PayPal shopping cart keeps adding $15 additional shipping for each breed. So if ordering more than 1 breed, email me and I can send a PayPal Money Request with the correct price.

Help support this rare breed. We are a small family farm raising free-range Dominique chickens. This breed is calm, easy-going and good with children. A hen lays about 230-275 medium-sized, brown eggs a year. Hens (pullets) start to lay at 5-7 months depending on the time of year they hatched. Dominiques are perfect for a small farm or homestead. The chicks are 1 week old in this photo.

"We really appreciate your preservation efforts for this wonderful breed. Jim's family had them when he was a boy, and they hold a special place in his heart." -Loree & Jim, Westminster, South Carolina

"I bought some Dominiques from you last year and they have been great. We only have Dominiques (14 total now and from 4 different farms) and yours are the best. Your Dominiques are the only ones with the correct comb shape. I didn't keep the roosters that hatched and am now deeply regretting it. I am hoping to get at least one rooster out of this bunch! Thanks for tending such a healthy flock!" -Doug, Jacksonville, North Carolina

Shipping Eggs

Fertile, hatching eggs are shipped through the Post Office. No pick up at the farm. We ship everywhere in the United States except we do not ship to Hawaii. We ship to individuals, schools, universities, and organizations. Incubating eggs is a great educational project that children and adults love.

"The students and I are really excited to hatch the Dominique chicks in the classroom!" -Janine, Second Grade Teacher, Raleigh, North Carolina

"I am a kindergarten teacher. I want to make sure my students experience the hatching of eggs." -Kelly, Eau Clair, Wisconsin

"We had 21 Dominiques hatch out of 24. This was my first time hatching shipped eggs, and Iím very pleased with the hatch rate." -Caitlin, Galena, Maryland

There is a 3 egg minimum order.

If you want your eggs shipped on a particular date, you can pay ahead of time. Let me know the day, and I will put you on my calendar. When I ship, I send you the tracking information.

$2.50/ Dominique Standard Egg.

  Click on the PayPal "Add to Cart" Button.

Standard Size Dominiques. In the cart, fill in the number of eggs. There is a 3 egg minimum. The $15 shipping is automatically added.

$2.90/ Dominique Bantam Egg.

  Bantam (miniature) Dominiques. The $15 shipping is automatically added. About Dominique Bantam Chickens.

Dominique Eggs: Standard & Bantam.

  Dominique eggs: 6 Standard & 6 Bantam. $2.50/egg for Standard. $2.90/egg for Bantam. The $15 shipping is automatically added. If you want 12 eggs of each, update the number to 2 in the PayPal cart. Or 3, if you want 18 of each, etc. The shipping stays $15 total. About Dominique Bantam Chickens.

3 Chicken Special
$24 for 12 Eggs.

  4 Dominique Standard, 4 Cream Brabanter, 4 Random Bantam eggs. Twelve eggs total. The $15 shipping is automatically added. Total $39. The photo below is 7 Dominiques, 2 Cream Brabanters and 1 random-bred Bantam. About Random-Bred Bantam Chickens.

  $9.90: "Winter Chickens" DVD
36 minute DVD by the University of Alaska about taking care of chickens in cold weather. Good for all states that have cold winters. Shipping is $1.95.

$9.90: Buy "A Guide to Better Hatching" Book By Janet Stromberg. 120 pages, 2012. Shipping is $2.95. Have great hatches.
"We have a small family farm raising a variety of heritage livestock. Our first chickens 5 years ago were a few Dominique hens. They have been by far our favorite as we have tried many different breeds over the years. We have decided that we would like to go back to the Dominiques as our primary laying hens." -Catherine, Spivey's Corner, North Carolina

"I just wanted to thank you for the great eggs! I had someone from the Dominique Club of America stop by to help me sex the chicks right after they hatched, and she kept commenting on how big and healthy they looked." -Susan, Petersburg, Virginia

"We had a great hatch this year! They were precious and the children LOVED them so very much! Thank you!" -Terri, 3rd grade teacher in Alabama

Fertile Dominique Chicken Eggs to Incubate
Late Winter, Spring and Summer

We collect eggs every day. While waiting to ship, we store them at the correct temperature and turn them daily. We wrap them very carefully before shipping to you.

Eggs are shipped through the Post Office by Priority mail. We send you tracking information by email. We write "Fragile Hatching Eggs" on every side of the box.

Your eggs are guaranteed to arrive in good condition. If you have any broken eggs, please let us know. They usually do not break.

"Wanted to let you know that our hatch was a success - 25 out of 30." -Craig, Toccoa, Georgia

There are good books on how to hatch eggs and lots of information on the internet about it. Chickens take 3 weeks to hatch. Your countdown starts on the day you put your eggs in your incubator, not when the hen lays her egg.

You can use an incubator to hatch eggs or a broody hen can hatch them. I do like to hear how your hatch goes. I like getting photos of your chicks and chickens.

"I have several Dominique hens and would like to add to my flock. I have a broody Orpington named 'Fat Penny' that I plan on putting the eggs under." Then 3 weeks later: "Nancy, I have 5 beautiful little babies so far. They came earlier than I expected but 'Fat Penny' has it under control!" -Leslie, Fayetteville, Tennessee

Buy Dominique (Dominicker, Dominiquer) Fertile Eggs

It usually takes 2-3 days for delivery. When I ship, I email you the tracking information so you know when your eggs will arrive.

You can order more than 1 breed of chicken (Dominique, Brabanter, Bantam) and/or Ancona duck eggs, and save on shipping. Total $15 shipping no matter how many and what type of eggs. Chickens hatch in 21 days. Ancona ducks hatch in 28 days.

Also I can enclose other items such as seeds or plants for no extra shipping. Email me what you want. I send you a PayPal Money Request. "I just wanted to let you know that I received the package with the seeds, roots, and eggs. All arrived in good condition. Thank you so much." -Kara, Glen Arm, Maryland

"My Great Grandmother had Dominique chickens and would tell funny stories about them when she was growing up..." -Amanda, New York

"We have a small family farm raising a variety of heritage livestock. Our first chickens 5 years ago were a few Dominique hens. We still have 2 of them left. They have been by far our favorite as we have tried many different breeds over the years. We have decided that we would like to go back to the Dominiques as our primary laying hens." -Catherine, Spivey's Corner, North Carolina

"Hey, this is Matthew and my family and I bought some eggs from you 21 days ago today. I wanted to let you know that of the 12 we bought, all where fertile. They hatched today and seem very healthy. Thanks for the enjoyable experience hatching eggs. My daughter has loved watching them." -Matthew, NC

"The Post Office got the eggs this morning and I picked them up. It is like Christmas I am so excited! Not a single one broke. I have the incubator all ready to go and the eggs are coming to room temp before I put them in. Thank you for the shipment." -Caren, Virginia

"We got 22 chicks out of this hatching. I watched one chick fight for thirty hours (I am not joking--thirty hours!) to get out of her shell. Every time I spoke to her, she fought eventually, I helped her out of her shell. She was perfectly formed, if cramped and exhausted. I kept her in the incubator overnight. This morning, she was all uncurled and walking around, so I put her out in the brooder with the others, and she's doing fine. I've never seen such hardy chicks, seriously, and we had a *lot* of chickens when I was a kid." -Dawn, TN

"We candled the eggs, and it appears that all have babies in them." -Carmen, New York

Questions People Ask

How old are your eggs when shipped?
They are very fresh. They were laid either the day I ship or a day or 2 before. If you order a lot, some will be a little older while I collect them for you. But they are always less than 1 week old. They are stored in a special refrigerator that keeps the eggs at 55 degrees.

Have your birds had any diseases?
My chickens are very healthy. They are free range. Besides feeding them poultry layer food, I also feed them kelp, azomite, brewers yeast, sunflower seeds and flax seed. I have had friends comment on how good my birds look.

Have other buyers had a good hatch rate?
People who have bought in the past are happy with their hatch rate. A lot depends on the type of incubator you have, whether you have a turner (or turn properly by hand), the humidity, temperature and overall attention you give your eggs while incubating. I enclose a flyer about incubating eggs and brooding chicks. How to incubate eggs.

How are they packaged for shipping?
Each egg is wrapped in tissue, and placed in an egg carton. I wrap wide scotch tape around the carton so it can not come open. I place packing material and a box around the carton, so it is held securely. Then it is put inside the shipping box. It is unusual for eggs to be broken. I have stamps I place on all sides of the box that says: "Fragile, Hatching Eggs. Winter: Do not let freeze. Summer: Keep out of sun." and "Live Animals".

"I have had eggs shipped to me before but never like you did. Their packaging was thoughtful. Plus fantastic tips. I couldn't be more pleased :) " -Gabriella, Bartow, Florida

"I received the Dominique eggs today. None were broken and the box was in good condition. I'll let you know how the hatch goes and send some pics. Thanks again!" -Tiffany, Eau Claire, Wisconsin

"I just candled the 18 Dominique and Bantam chicken eggs you sent me (day 12 of incubation), and 17 were fertile and developing just fine. That's amazing for shipped eggs (or otherwise)! I will send you pics of the hatch." -Doug, Jacksonville, North Carolina

The photo to the left is my egg packing table with egg cartons, boxes, inner boxes, tissue, paper towels, packing paper, tape, etc.

When does Day 1 of incubation start?
Your countdown for days of incubation starts when you put your eggs in your incubator. It does not start when the hen lays the egg. I keep hatching eggs at 55 degrees while waiting to ship them. This suspends the growing process until they are in a heated incubator or under a broody hen.

Hatch day. You can see the tip of his beak.

They incubate for 21 days at about 100 degrees and then hatch.

Then they are put under a heat lamp (brooding) until about 3 weeks old.

These are Dominique chicks just after they hatched.

"I just wanted to send you a big thanks for the Dom eggs. They came this afternoon and not one broken or cracked. I was amazed."

Then 1 week later: "Hi Nancy, I candled the eggs today and happy to see 15 of the 16 you sent are alive (one not sure of, looks alive but I couldn't see the baby). This is after my turner did not work and having to hand turn them. Thanks again so much. Crossing fingers for the next two weeks."
-Helen, Pleasant Hill, Ohio
Closeup of just hatched Dominique chick.

"Your chickens are beautiful. I can't wait to hatch them. They will have a great life in my backyard free ranging to their hearts' delight." -Tiffany, Eau Claire, Wisconsin

45 Dominique chicks. Photo from Dolly in Magnolia, Mississippi.

"Your eggs are the best we have ever had shipped." -Dolly

Dominique chicks sleeping. Photo from Dug in Iowa.

"I had 4 chicks hatch within 12 hours, then 20 hours later I got a bonus late arrival, so 5 of 7. This is my 2nd hatch with this incubator. The first was my own chicken's eggs and I also got 5 of 7. They are all doing well and are super friendly." -Dug, Mingo, Iowa

Here's a 4-day-old Dominique chick looking right at you.

"I ordered Dominique hatching eggs from you 3 weeks ago. They all survived the shipping and were 100% fertile. Thank you so much for the beautiful eggs you sent. Despite my incubating experience, they are now hatching and are doing wonderfully. :) The Dominiques are 100% hatch rate (8 out of 8). A great hatch rate considering they were shipped eggs. The chicks are adorable!" -Jimmie, Spring Hill, Florida

These chicks are 4 days old.
These are 1 week old. I love their fluffy rear ends.
These are Dominique chicks, 2 weeks old.
These are Dominique chicks, maybe 3 weeks old.

A pullet on the left, and cockerel on the right. Males have lighter feathers and feet/legs than females.
Here are some juvenile or adolescent hens roosting. They are not full grown yet.
2 Dominique hens.
Dominique hen.
Dominique hen in comfrey and stinging nettle. There is another hen behind her.
Alpha Dominique rooster in comfrey and stinging nettle.
This is a Bantam hen with 5 Dominique chicks. She hatched them. You don't have to own an incubator if you have a broody Banty chicken.

I sell random-bred Bantam chicken eggs for hatching. Banties do a good job of hatching and mothering. It doesn't matter to her at all that they are not eggs that she laid.

Chickens are Intelligent

Chickens have sophisticated social behavior including favorite chickens (friends). From my own experience I have seen hens and their female chicks hang out together for years.

Poultry have stable social groups (cliques). They can identify each other so well that they are able to recognize over 100 different birds in their flock. And all of these birds are part of a definite pecking order that they remember.

Behavioral scientists have discovered 30 different chicken vocalizations where they "talk" to each other. They have long-term memory and even think about the future!

From these scientific sources:
1. Rogers LJ, "The Development of Brain and Behaviour in the Chicken", Wallingford, Oxon, UK: CABI Publishing, 1995, p. 217.
2. Dr. Joy Mench, Professor of Animal Science at University of California at Davis, in "The New Yorker", April 14, 2003, p. 64.

Ways to Pay
Email:   I ship to USA only.

PayPal Shopping Cart: You can pay with PayPal online using our shopping cart. All products have buttons you can click to order this way. You do not have to have a PayPal account to pay with your credit or debit card.

PayPal Money Request by Email: We send a PayPal Money Request by email. You pay online. Or you can send a PayPal payment from your PayPal account to Both are good for all purchases but especially those that combine shipping or have special pricing. Good for paying for hatching eggs.

PayPal "Pay Now" from Farm Site: Go to our PayPal page. Fill in the amount. Log into your PayPal account and pay. My account is Health Treasures. This is good for all orders but especially those that combine shipping or have special pricing. Good for paying for hatching eggs. After you pay, email us what you ordered.

Check: We accept checks, money orders and cash. Checks need to clear before shipment. Make check payable to Nancy Shirley. Mail to: 477 Long Branch Road, Topton, NC 28781. Please include shipping.
If you are ordering many products, I can discount the shipping. Email me and I will give you a lower shipping cost than what is on the PayPal cart.

I ship to everywhere in the United States. I do not ship outside the United States.

Stay at my Vacation Rental on the farm.

Nantahala Farm in the Mountains of Western NC
Macon County (close to Cherokee, Graham and Swain Counties)
Topton, North Carolina 28781
No pickup at farm except for goats. Everything else is mailed.
Stay at my Vacation Rental on the farm.

I ship to the United States only.

Please support small farms and sustainable living. I am happy to answer your questions about farming and gardening. Let me know any comments or suggestions you have about my site, farm or products. I can add your testimonials and photos so others know your experiences and ideas.

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