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Dominique Chickens
Dom History: Colonial to 1900
Dom History: 1915 to Present
Dom Looks: Adult
Dom Looks: Chick/Pullet/Cockerel
Dominique Personality: Friendly
Dominique: Eggs, Broodiness
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Photos Dominique Chicks
Photos Chicks with Mother Hens
Photos Roosters & Hens
Dominique Chicken Personality: Friendly, Active

Calm and Friendly Chickens

Hens are friendly, docile, genial, and easy to work with. You can walk among your flock, and they stay calm. Dominiques make good show birds because of their easy-going disposition.

If you want especially friendly chickens, spend time with them right after they hatch and as they are growing up. Chicks like being held. They will imprint on you.

"The Dominique hen was smallish, a stable kind of bird who didn't fly up if the mill whistle blew." -The Day I Et the Last Dominique, 1930s

Good with Children

"Dominiques are so hardy, so even, so steady in reproducing their like, so homelike, so motherly, so easily kept, and so generally liked by farmers, that they will always be favorites with those who are content with a medium-sized, good layer, and a bird they can always count on." -Burnham's New Poultry Book, 1877

This photo is a girl holding a Dominique rooster in 1915. This image is copyright KatyDids Cards and may not be used without written permission. Contact for more info. Chicken Print - Girl Hugs Rooster - Dominique Bird Print.

Farmyard Happiness

"The old gray hen with the yellow leg,
That lays her master many an egg."
-poem from Burnham's New Poultry Book, 1877

This photo is a boy in a farmyard with Dominique chickens in 1915. This image is copyright KatyDids Cards and may not be used without written permission. Contact for more info. Chicken Boy Card - Boy with Chickens in Barnyard - Repro Photo Greeting Card.

Alert Hens, Protective Roosters

The roosters protect their hens from predators. Roosters are more easily excited than hens but are calm compared to most other chicken breeds.

Dominiques are alert to what is going on around them. They will quickly and quietly hide if a hawk flies overhead. They are curious about the world around them. Even the chicks are adventuresome.

This photo is an adult rooster with 3-month-old pullets.

Good Foragers

Dominiques are self sufficient and will scratch for their own food, making them less expensive to maintain than many of today's specialized, commercialized breeds of chickens. They confidently range far and wide looking for food.

Dominiques are good foragers looking for greens, fruit, bugs and seeds. Be sure to provide adequate protection against predators especially dogs.

Active Birds

They do adjust well to non-range conditions as long as the enclosed area gives each chicken enough room.

"They are active and very free from disease; seldom become over-fat." -Dominique Doings, 1914

"I am looking forward to have these cute chickens join my chicken family!" -Frederique, Elgin, Texas

Old Speckled Hen

"My mother asked me why I didn't get some of the old speckled hens like my grandmother always had on the home farm, which never failed to give good results. No matter how much grain the fowls had before them they would eat only what they wanted, leave the rest and go off scratching- no gluttony and no loafing so common in most fowls when grain is before them."

"The Dominique requires about two-thirds the amount of grain that any other American variety requires, and at the same time produces more eggs than any of them." -A.Q. Carter, The Old Speckled Hen Or Dominique-a Breed that Made Good, 1913

Chickens Go to Coop at Night

Dominickers will not roost in trees if they have been trained to sleep in their coop so it is easy to close up the hen house at night.

At dusk they come back to the coop to roost for the night, usually with each chicken roosting at the same spot. It is interesting that the older chickens go into the coop sooner than younger chickens. The pullets and cockerels like to hang outside longer just like human teenagers do.

They like being let out of their coop a little after dawn...eager to start a new day of foraging.

Dust Bathing

They like a good dust bath that they make themselves by digging a hole in dry dirt. You can add sand if your soil is not very loose. They especially enjoy dust bathing in the sun.

In this photo hens are dust bathing together.

Prices and availability of Dominique hatching eggs.

"We are hatching these Dominique eggs in my autism classroom, and the kids are very excited about them." -Blakeley, Woodstock, Georgia

Dominique Chicken Personality: Egg Laying, Broodiness 


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