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Shipping Hatching Eggs
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Dominique Chickens
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Dominique Chicks with Mamma Hen Photos
"The eggs got here safe, all's good. The hen sat right on them when I removed her from the nesting box." -Rose, Yadkinville, NC

This red hen hatched this Dominique chick. A broody hen is better than an incubator. Hens are great mothers. From Ashley in North Carolina.

"We are quite excited to raise these Dominique chicks. We have a 4-year-old gold lace Wyandotte who is ready for the task!" -Karen and Neal, Bellingham, Washington

Here is a picture of "Friendly" the Brabanter hen. She is broody. Those are Dominque chicks with her that she hatched. She decided to sit on the eggs of other hens. Friendly and her chicks are happy together. She is a very good mother.
"We had one of your eggs to hatch and it's a rooster. We named him Bubba. I have attached a picture of Pearl and both of them together. She is a very good Mom and Bubba is learning things everyday." -Lisa, East Bend, North Carolina

This Buff Orpington from Maine hatched these 2 Dominique chicks. She doesn't care they are a different breed.

"Eleven of the twelve Dominique Standard and Dominique Bantams hatched, and they are all bright and chirpy! They are so energetic and beautiful." -Sybil, Emeryville, California

These photos of an Ameraucana hen and her Dom chicks are from Sybil.

"Here is a picture of mom (Tweets). We are having way too much fun with our new chicks Maggie and Greta." -Susanne, San Rafael, California

These photos are from Susanne.

These 2 photos of 2 Banty hens that hatched my Dominique eggs is from Jim and Loree in Westminster, South Carolina. I love how 1 chick is on the back of a hen.

These 3 photos of Dominique chicks with Dutchy the hen are from Kristi in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.

"Here is a picture of Rhody, a Rhode Island Red hen, with her 3 weeks old chicks. Some of them are already under mama's wings as they are getting ready for bed." -Nosi, Lutherville, Maryland.

The 11 chicks are Dominique standards and Broody Bantams.

"Yay! I have a broody hen (Buff Orpington). I thought she would do the incubating."

Then 3 weeks later: "We have success! Our broody hen's Dominique eggs have hatched today!" -Vivain, Fletcher, North Carolina

This photo of Dom chicks with a reluctant hen is from Vivian.

"I have 3 Rhode Island White/White Rock hens that just went broody and 1 that is setting eggs for a friend. I have an incubator but prefer for hens to hatch my eggs. Plan to hatch my eggs under one of these hens. Looking forward to my hatch and will send pictures when chicks arrive." -Anna, Perry, Florida

The first photo is a turkey named Coco who is getting ready to hatch some Dominique chicken eggs! The turkey belongs to Tara and Callie in Kernersville, North Carolina.

The second photo is 21 days later and success! Dominique chicks hatched by a turkey! The third photo is turkey mom with her older chicks.

I highly recommend that you watch the PBS Nature show: "My Life as A Turkey". A true story. A man in Florida raised wild turkeys from eggs and then lived with them. It is about the love of birds.

It shows how aware and intelligent turkeys are. He learned their communication sounds and became one of them. It is also a book "Illumination in the Flatwoods: A Season with the Wild Turkey" by Joe Hutto.

Great for all bird lovers.

Dominique Chicks
Prices and availability of Dominique hatching eggs.

Feed Comfrey to Poultry How to Hatch Eggs
Types of Incubators
How to Incubate Eggs
How to Help Hatching Babies
How to Brood Poultry
Make A Poultry Incubator

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