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Dominique Chicken
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Shipping and How to Hatch Eggs
Shipping Hatching Eggs
Types of Incubators
How to Incubate Eggs
How to Help Hatching Babies
How to Brood Poultry
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Dominique Chickens
Dom History: Colonial to 1900
Dom History: 1915 to Present
Dom Looks: Adult
Dom Looks: Chick/Pullet/Cockerel
Dominique Personality: Friendly
Dominique: Eggs, Broodiness
Dom: Determine Sex After Hatch
Photos Dominique Chicks
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Photos Roosters & Hens
Dominique Chick Photos

Prices and availability of Dominique hatching eggs.

"We wanted to try Dominique's because they are pretty and are supposed to be just as friendly as Barred Rocks. Looking forward to getting our eggs, I'll send pictures when they hatch out."

Update: "We just received the eggs, and traded out the infertile Barred Rock eggs for the ones you sent. Our hen, Dutchy, took them right away and is still sitting there." -Kristi, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

"Thank you for the wonderful chicks. Six of the eggs hatched beautifully a day ahead of schedule (one in only two hours time from first pip to completely out!). The six were healthy and kicking from the start, ready to eat and drink and explore the brooder. They are the sweetest chicks ever, with a few of them eagerly running up to us for cuddles when we walk up to the brooder." -Natalie, Kentucky

Newly hatched Dominique chicks. Dominique eggs are brown. The white eggs are from Brabanter chickens.
"We are enjoying these spunky quick little chicks! We have raised Polish, Americauna, Sex-links, and Campine chickens for almost five years and these Dominiques are the fastest and liveliest we have seen." -Caren, Virginia

Dominique chicks in brooder. From Caren in Virginia.

"We hatched four out of seven Dominique eggs. I'm happy with the outcome especially since they shipped from so far away. All four chicks are healthy and eating and drinking. Thanks for the great eggs." -Emily, Nevada City, California

This photo is from Emily.

"The chicks we bought from you turned out to be our best egg layers. Thank you!" -Ashley, Pisgah Forest, North Carolina

Older Dominique chick. They have a cute spot on top of their head.

"I had a great hatch from your eggs. I have 19 very healthy looking little chicks running around the brooder. Didn't lose any after the hatch, nice fat, fuzzy little chicks. Love these little Dominecker chicks." -Jerald, South Dakota

These Dominique chicks are 2 weeks old.
"Dominiques really stand out as the strongest chicks we've hatched, not only hardy but they're also very calm and friendly birds. This heritage breed is remarkable." -Ed, Wesley Chapel, North Carolina

These Dominique chicks are 4 weeks old. They are feathering out nicely.
Dominique chick with dog! From Caren in Virginia.
Dominique chicks in the front and Bantam chicks in the back from my shipped eggs. From Doug in Jacksonville, North Carolina.

You can hatch Bantams and Dominiques together.

"We had a really good hatch, 14 out of 18 of the little critters (Dominiques and Bantams) made it out and are looking very healthy. The Bantams were a lot of fun to hatch because each one was different from the next. Our chicks are doing great, and my daughters are really enjoying them." -Doug, Jacksonville, North Carolina

Dominique Chicks
Prices and availability of Dominique hatching eggs.

Feed Comfrey to Poultry How to Hatch Eggs
Types of Incubators
How to Incubate Eggs
How to Help Hatching Babies
How to Brood Poultry
Make A Poultry Incubator

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