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Comfrey can be planted any time soil is not frozen.
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Live roots, seeds, dried root, oil.

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Comfrey History & References
Plant Overview & Growing
General Comfrey Information
How to Grow Comfrey
3 Types of Comfrey
Soil, Fruit Trees, Animals
Improving Soil with Comfrey
Permaculture & Fruit Trees
Comfrey as Feed for Poultry
Comfrey as Feed for Livestock
Comfrey: Animals & Health
Human Health
Comfrey & Healing
Comfrey Soap & Infused Oil
Comfrey Safety: Overview
Comfrey Safety: Processing
Comfrey Safety: Research
Comfrey: Need Studies

Comfrey Soap
Made with comfrey leaves and comfrey oil.
Comfrey Easy Order Page

Beautiful Comfrey Soap

Wonderful soap made with comfrey oil and fresh comfrey leaves.

Enjoy a beautiful bar of soap speckled with comfrey leaves. Making soap is a great do-it-yourself project.

"I really enjoyed experimenting with the comfrey herbal oil and adding the fresh chopped comfrey to the soap and the sodium hydroxide solution before adding to the oils. The result is a beautiful bar speckled with bright green comfrey leaves." -Christina, Lewistown, Pennsylvania

Healing Comfrey for You

Put your fresh cut comfrey leaves and other herbs (1/4 to 1 cup) and oil (16 ounces) in a pot, double boiler or crockpot. Heat slowly to 120-130 degrees F (50-55 degrees C), stirring gently occasionally.

Do not heat higher because it will cook the herbs rather than infusing them. Simmer for about 1 hour. Let it cool, then strain the oil through a metal screen strainer or cheesecloth.

Another option is putting the herbs and oil in a mason jar by a sunny window to steep for 24-48 hours.

This photo is comfrey leaves in olive and avocado oils.

"I used a combination of pure essential oils to scent my bars. I wanted to chose an earthy scent to go with the 'garden themed' bars. I chose a combination of clary sage, rose geranium, lavender, and sandalwood." -Christina

Comfrey-Infused Oil

This photo is the strained oil after it has been infused with the fresh comfrey leaves.

Oils that can be used in the soap making process include olive, coconut, palm, hemp seed, avocado and cocoa butter.

Follow your own soap-making methods, or find one in a book or on the internet that appeals to you. It is a lot of fun.

Infused oils can also be used in cooking, fresh on salads, on your skin as is, mixed in lotions, as massage oil, and for aromatherapy.

Comfrey Soap Loaf

This photo is the "loaf" of comfrey soap before it is cut.

Creating Each Bar of Soap

This photo is the comfrey soap being cut.

When you make your own soap, you use the very best ingredients. The soap is rich in antioxidants, vitamins and skin-healing nutrients. Comfrey is great for your skin.


The bars are still soft when they are cut. They need up to six weeks to cure (dry and harden).

Wrapped Bars of Comfrey Soap

Natural colored paper and string to accent the beauty of the soap.

Vibrant Soap

"Thank you so much for sending me your beautiful healing comfrey for me to experiment with in my soap making endeavors! I love how vibrant the comfrey is in the bars." -Christina

Buy Live Comfrey Roots and Seeds for Planting

Grow your own Comfrey: True/Common Comfrey, Russian Bocking #4, and Russian Bocking #14. Your order includes a flyer about how to take care of your plants.
Comfrey Easy Order Page


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