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Organic Seeds and Roots for Sale
If you want to order more than 1 product, email me to get a shipping discount. See bottom of the page for ways to pay.

All seeds and beans are kept in a refrigerator to maintain freshness.
Buy some Thorvin Organic Kelp for your garden and animals.

Buy Perennial Seed Set: True/Common Comfrey, Stinging Nettle, White Yarrow, and Bronze Fennel.

"Thanks for the work you do and the good things you make accessible to gardeners like me." -Tom, Franklinville, North Carolina

Comfrey: Organic Russian Bocking #4 & #14 Roots

Comfrey: Organic True / Common Roots
Comfrey: Organic True / Common Seeds

Stinging Nettle Seeds (Perennial)

White Yarrow Seeds (Perennial)

Mizuna Seeds: Japanese Salad Greens (Cold hardy to 15 degrees)

Bronze Fennel Seeds (Perennial)

October Beans for Planting (Appalachian Heirloom)

Greasy Beans to Plant (Pole Bean)

Black Turtle Beans to Plant (Bush Bean)

Rattlesnake Beans for Planting (Native American)

Mammoth Melting Peas

Cherokee White Flour Corn

Cherokee Trail of Tears Black Beans

Sea Kale, Crambe Maritima Seeds (Perennial)

How Many Years Seeds Remain Viable In Good Storage Conditions
Asparagus 3 years
Beans, Peas 3
Beets 4
Broccoli 3
Brussels Sprouts 4
Cabbage 4
Cabbage Chinese 3
Carrot 3
Cauliflower 4
Celeriac 3
Celery 3
Chard, Swiss 4
Chicory 4
Corn, Sweet 2

Collards 5
Corn Salad 5
Cress 5
Cucumber 5
Eggplant 4
Endive 5
Kale 4
Kohlrabi 3
Lettuce 5
Muskmelon 5
New Zealand Spinach 3
Okra 2
Onion 1
Parsley 2
Parsnip 2
Pepper 2
Pumpkin 4
Radish 4
Rutabaga 4
Salsify 1
Sorrel 4
Spinach 2
Squash 4
Tomato 5
Turnip 4
Watermelon 4



Ways to Pay
Email:   I ship to USA only.

PayPal Shopping Cart: You can pay with PayPal online using my shopping cart. All products have buttons you can click to order this way. You do not have to have a PayPal account to pay with your credit or debit card.

PayPal Money Request by Email: I send a PayPal Money Request by email. You pay online. Or you can send a PayPal payment from your PayPal account to Both are good for all purchases but especially those that combine shipping or have special pricing.

PayPal "Pay Now" from Farm Site: Go to my PayPal page. Fill in the amount. Log into your PayPal account and pay. My account is Health Treasures/ Nantahala Farm. This is good for all orders but especially those that combine shipping or have special pricing. After you pay, email me what you ordered.

Credit/Debit Card Online using Email Invoice (No PayPal): If you want to pay by credit/debit card but do not want to use PayPal, I can email you an invoice. In the email there will be a link to take you to an online payment page. Use Visa, MasterCard, Discover, JCB, or Diners Card. Email me what you want.

Phone: I accept credit/debit cards by phone: Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. Call me in North Carolina at 828-321-9036 any day, 10 am to 5 pm Eastern time (after 5 pm I unplug my phone). I am in and out working on the farm. Please leave a message if I do not answer. I will get back to you soon.

Check: I accept checks, money orders and cash. Checks need to clear before shipment. Make check payable to Nancy Shirley. Mail to: 477 Long Branch Road, Topton, NC 28781. Please include shipping. If you include your email address, I can email you that I received your payment.
If you are ordering many products, I can discount the shipping. Email me and I will give you a lower shipping cost than what is on the PayPal cart.

I ship to everywhere in the United States. I do not ship outside the United States.

Stay at my Vacation Rental on the farm.

Nantahala Farm in the Mountains of Western NC
Macon County (close to Cherokee, Graham and Swain Counties)
Topton, North Carolina 28781
No pickup at farm.
Stay at my Vacation Rental on the farm.

828-321-9036 every day 10 am to 5 pm eastern time.
I ship to the United States only.

Please support small farms and sustainable living. I am happy to answer your questions about farming and gardening. Let me know any comments or suggestions you have about my site, farm or products. I can add your testimonials and photos so others know your experiences and ideas.

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