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Seeds for Perennial Plants
Great for Permaculture, Biodynamic Gardening, and Ecological Farming.
"You have a great website; keep up the excellent permaculture work!" -Joanna, Decatur, Georgia

True/Common Comfrey (Perennial)

Bronze Fennel Seeds (Perennial)

Stinging Nettle Seeds (Perennial)

White Yarrow Seeds (Perennial)

Sea Kale, Crambe Maritima Seeds (Perennial)



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Stay at my Vacation Rental on the farm.

Nantahala Farm in the Mountains of Western NC
Topton, North Carolina 28781
No pickup at farm.
Stay at my Vacation Rental on the farm.
I ship to the United States only.

Please support small farms and sustainable living.

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Comfrey Plants and Seeds

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