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Guinea Hog Piglets
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Friendly Backyard Pig

Guinea Hog Piglets

Sows are pregnant for about 114 days which equals 3 months + 3 weeks + 3 days or approximately 4 months.

Guinea Hog mothers are easy going and allow the farmer to be next to her during birth. Sows usually don't need any help with the birth process. They are good mothers.

At birth American Guinea Hog piglets weigh about 1 pound.

They can be weaned at 6 to 8 weeks, though they will nurse for months if they are kept with the sow. I have kept piglets with their sow for 4 months and they still happily nursed though the sow sometimes got tired of it.

The piglets in these photos are a few days old. They are nursing on their mother.

11-Day-Old Piglets

Pigs and piglets love comfrey.

6-Week-Old Piglets

Recently weaned piglets, a boy and a girl. They grunt to each other and to the other pigs in the barn and outdoors.

4-Month-Old Piglets

These Guinea Hog piglets are foraging in our pasture. They will eat just about anything green. They are a living weed eater.

They also love nuts especially acorns. A combination of weedy pasture and oak tree forest is ideal for their health.

The pigs enjoy going outside to eat in the fresh air and sunshine. Rain does not bother them. We also give them formulated pig feed from our local country feed store.

After they are done roaming the pasture, they come back to the barn and sleep next to each other.

The last photo has my foot in it to show their size.

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