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I no longer sell Ancona duck eggs. You can find people with hatching eggs here:
Ancona Duck Breeders Association
Ancona Ducks- ISO and Where to Find
Ancona Ducks
Worth It Farms: Ancona Ducks for Sale
Woodstock Sustainable Farms
Feed Comfrey to Poultry How to Hatch Eggs
Types of Incubators
How to Incubate Eggs
How to Help Hatching Babies
How to Brood Poultry
Make A Poultry Incubator
Join the Backyard Poultry Revolution!
I ship fertile chicken hatching eggs.

Dominique Chickens- America's Oldest Breed

Dominique HenDominique or Pilgrim Fowl were popular in Colonial times. They almost became extinct in the 1970s and are still considered an endangered species. They are a dual-purpose bird, good for eggs or meat.

The Dominique is a medium-sized black and white barred bird. The tightly arranged feathers and low rose comb make this breed more resistant to frostbite than most other poultry. Dominiques also adapt well to hot and humid climates. They do well on pasture or in confinement, and are calm and easy to work with.

Dominique's hatch well, feather early, and mature young. Cocks weigh about 7 pounds; cockerels (young cocks) weigh 6 pounds; hens weigh around 5 pounds; and pullets (young hens) weigh 4 pounds.

The hens are good mothers, good layers of light to dark brown eggs, and are somewhat broody. Dominiques are good meat birds. They are considered rare by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy.

Order Dominique Hatching Eggs       More about Dominique Chickens

"I had White Leghorn chickens that were pulling feathers since I bought them and they just kept tearing out the feathers regardless of what I tried so I had to get rid of them. They came from Tractor Supply and according to the workers there it is a problem that a lot of people had with their birds due to overcrowding when they were peeps and they do not grow out of it. I am just so done with Tractor Supply. I bought blue cote, sulmet, feather fixer, extra food blocks, etc. because I was told they might be bored.

Buying eggs from Nantahala Farm is the way to go. My chicks will never be overcrowded."

Tom, Lehighton, Pennsylvania

Silkie Bantam Chickens

Eggs are cream colored. Silkie hens lay about 100-120 eggs a year.

Silky hens are very broody (persistent sitters) and are frequently used to hatch the eggs of other breeds that are not very broody. They are excellent mothers. Silkies are a very popular, ornamental chicken.

Adult hens weigh 2-3 pounds. Adult roosters weigh 3-4 pounds.

More about Silkie Bantam Chickens

Two boxes of hatching eggs ready for shipment through the Post Office.

"I am veterinary practice manager / technician and my specialty is birds. Chickens are my obsession, but I also have parrots." -Lisa, Warwick, Rhode Island


Dominique chicken hatching eggs sent to Anthony in Gadsden, Tennessee. Next to the eggs is his incubator.

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