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Pigs, Piglets for Sale in Topton, Andrews, Robbinsville, Peachtree, Marble, Murphy, Franklin, North Carolina

Nantahala Farm and Garden
For sale now (November 2022):
American Guinea Hog Unrelated Breeding Pair:
1 male pig born July 2022, 1 female pig born April 2021.

Rose Valley Farms
Duroc / Berkshire mix. Chuck Rose, Murphy, NC, 470-261-5655, Contact them to see what they have available.

If you have pigs or piglets for sale in Topton, Andrews, Robbinsville, Peachtree, Marble, Murphy or Franklin, North Carolina, you can advertise them here for free.

Email to get listed. No phone calls.

Any breed is welcome.

People from anywhere can buy the pigs.

Also you can be listed here if you live in Nantahala and would like to be paid to butcher them.

If you would like to list goats or cattle in Nantahala, let me know. I can create new pages for them.

Nantahala Pig Network

Definitions of Pig Terminology

Based on Age and Sex
Barrow: (shortened to bar) male pig castrated before puberty.
Boar: mature male hog (of breeding age).
Gilt: female that has not reproduced.
Hog: any age, status or gender of animal.
Pig: unweaned baby hog.
Piglet: very young baby hog.
Runt: unusually small and weak piglet.
Shoat (Shote): young hog that has been weaned.
Sow: female that has reproduced.
Stag: male pig castrated after puberty.
Sucker: pig between birth and weaning.
Swine: any age, status or gender of animal.
Weaner: young pig recently separated from the sow.

Pig Slaughter Definitions
Suckling Pig: piglet slaughtered for its tender meat.
Feeder Pig: weaned pig between 40-82 pounds, 6-10 weeks old to be finished for slaughter.
Grower Pig: pig between 40-220 pounds.
Porker: market pig between 66-119 pounds dressed weight.
Baconer: market pig between 143-180 pounds dressed weight.
Finisher: grower pig over 150 pounds live weight.
Butcher Hog: pig of around 220 pounds, ready for market.
Backfatter: cull (unwanted) breeding age pig sold for meat.

Dressed weight, dead weight or carcass weight is the weight of an animal after being partially butchered, removing all the internal organs and often the head as well as inedible portions of the tail and legs.

Nantahala Farm in the Mountains of Western NC
No pickup at farm. I ship to the United States only.

Please support small farms and sustainable living.

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