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American Rabbits for Sale
Smith Haven Homestead & Rabbitry
Topton, North Carolina
Rare Blue and White American Rabbits

Smith Haven Homestead & Rabbitry in North Carolina has been breeding American rabbits for 2 years.

American rabbits are a Heritage breed recognized by the ARBA (American Rabbit Breeders Association) in 1917. The rabbits for sale are pedigreed and have a very sweet temperament.

The does are known to make excellent mothers and usually have large litters.
Excellent Meat Rabbit

These American rabbits range in weight from 8-13 pounds. They are an excellent meat rabbit with the best meat to bone ratio of any rabbit breed.

Rabbit meat has the highest bioavailable protein of any meat for human consumption and is the lowest in cholesterol, making it a very healthy and clean choice for families and small farms.

They are also the lowest feed to finished weight ratio of all livestock needing only 6 pounds of feed for every 1 pound of finished weight. They take only a small footprint and produce lots of ready-to-use fertilizer that needs no curing time and helps plants grow.

A strong breeding trio (2 does and an unrelated buck) can produce up to 600 pounds of meat a year.

We Love Our Rabbits

Our rabbits are fed an excellent diet consisting of local hay and lots of fresh foraged plants 9 months out of the year (this improves their gut health and overall stamina but is not necessary) and finished with organic 16% protein pellets.

They drink free flowing mountain spring water that is very mineral rich.

I truly enjoy my rabbits and put my heart into their care. They are handled and talked to every day. They are a joy to have and their silly antics never fail to entertain!

This photo is baby rabbits.
Availability and Prices

To buy rabbits please email: for pricing and further information. Thank you for your interest!

Endangered Breed of Rabbit

American rabbits are among the rarest breeds of rabbit in North America.

In 2005, when rabbit breeds were added to the American Livestock Breed Conservancy (ALBC), Conservancy Priority List, American rabbits were listed in the 'Critical' category. The white variety was in danger of being dropped from the ARBA's active role in 2004 due to lack of representation.

Now the American rabbit has had a resurgence in population, and in 2012 ALBC moved it from 'Critical' to the less-endangered 'Threatened' category. This was due to the dedicated effort of breeders to ship breeding stock across the United States, and the discovery of white American rabbits at a Hutterite farming community in Canada.

Nantahala Farm in the Mountains of Western NC
No pickup at farm. I ship to the United States only.

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