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I no longer sell Ancona duck eggs. You can find people with hatching eggs here:
Ancona Duck Breeders Association
Ancona Ducks- ISO and Where to Find
Ancona Ducks
Worth It Farms: Ancona Ducks for Sale
Woodstock Sustainable Farms
Feed Comfrey to Poultry How to Hatch Eggs
Types of Incubators
How to Incubate Eggs
How to Help Hatching Babies
How to Brood Poultry
Make A Poultry Incubator
Build Your Own Egg Incubator: Other Ideas
Hatch Chicken, Duck, Turkey, Quail Eggs

Kirk's Homemade Incubator.
Rick's Homemade Incubator.

Coolerbator by Grant

Grant, a 13-year-old in Marietta, Georgia, built this incubator out of a cooler.

Light, Fan, Water, Egg Holder, Thermostat

The cooler-incubator has a digital thermostat that is wired to the power. The light bulbs heat the incubator. Grant found instructions and videos online and simply followed them! A very good job.

You Can Make Your Own Incubator Too

It's fun and satisfying to create your incubator. Try it.

Another Homemade Incubator by Keith

"Here are some pictures of the homemade incubator. Nothing fancy but hope it will do the job. Just added a larger bowl of water to help with raising the humidity levels. The humidity before taking the lid off was at 40 percent so it is getting there."

"The bulb was 25 Watt. This particular bulb was too hot for this size cooler, and the temps soared upwards in the 120ís. That is where all the holes in the sides and lid came from. So I taped up the sides and the lid and purchased a 15 Watt bulb. Temperature is staying at 99 -100 degrees. "

"We recieved the eggs today. We opened the box and the eggs looked good. I am going to let them rest in room temperature this evening as your flyer suggested. Thank you for the excellent tracking and your preparation for the shipment of these eggs. I will keep you informed on the progress. Thank you again for the easy process."




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