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Buy Thorvin Organic Kelp
How to Use Thorvin Kelp

Analysis of Kelp for Plant Use
Analysis of Kelp for Animal Use

Azomite Trace Minerals Powder

How many cups? Price includes shipping.
$68.00: Buy 44 cups (about 16 pounds) Thorvin Organic Kelp From Iceland. Nutrient dense, mineral rich, vitamins, enzymes. Good for plants and animals. Dried granules (meal). Shipping is $18.00 per each 44 cups. Every 44 cups is $68 + shipping.
$39.00: 22 cups (about 8 pounds) Thorvin Organic Kelp
Shipping is $12.00.
$23.00: 11 cups (about 4 pounds) Thorvin Organic Kelp
Shipping is $9.00.
$18.90: 5 cups (about 2 pounds) Thorvin Organic Kelp and 5 cups (about 2.2 pounds) Azomite Trace Minerals
Both are mineral rich. Good for plants and animals. Shipping is $9.00.

Shipped in a plastic baggie so it fits in flat rate box to save you shipping.
Includes flyer about Thorvin Kelp and how to use it.

From Iceland. For Plants and Animals.

Rich in nutrients, bioactive, natural, pure.
Improves soil fertility and animal health.

Wild Harvest from Cold Icelandic Waters

This organic Sea Kelp is harvested from the ocean around Iceland. These pristine, nutrient-rich waters are the cleanest sea on earth.

Minerals flow from glacial milch rivers and deep-earth geothermal vents into this aquatic environment.

Organic Thorvin Kelp is nutrient-dense, mineral rich, bioactive, and full of enzymes. High in micro (trace) and macro minerals (over 60). It has 17 amino acids and many vitamins. Contains many hard-to-find nutrients in a balanced natural ratio.

This photo is a closeup of kelp underwater.

Easy and Low Cost Way to Improve Health

Natural sea vegetables are very easy to absorb and safe to use. There are no additives at all.

An easy, low cost way to improve the health of your garden and animals. A truly amazing product.

This photo is a "forest" of kelp.

Kelp: Valuable Nutrition for Plants and Animals

Kelp grows in beds where the ocean is shallow. They like to grow in cold water (43-57 degrees). They need water with a lot of nitrogen and phosphorus.

Kelp plants grow very fast, up to 19 inches a day! One "branch" can grow 100 to 260 feet long.

There are 30 different varieties. All are nutritious.
Food Web of the Sea

Kelp forests are nurseries for other plants, many fish and sea animals. See how many species are helped.

These forests are one of the most active and productive ecosystems on the planet.

They provide habitat for a wide range of creatures. A kelp "bed" is a small area where the plants are clustered.
Revitalizing Life in the Water and on Land

Seaweed forests produce food and oxygen. They are bioaccumulators meaning they bring together in one place (the kelp plant) many valuable nutrients in the same ratio as human blood.

They cleanse and detoxify the oceans. Revitalizing life in the water. Then revitalizing soil and improving the health of animals.

This is a photo of kelp in cold Icelandic waters.
A Long Tradition of Harvesting Kelp

Sea plants have been used by people for thousands of years. During the last Ice Age humans harvested seaweed in the Pacific Ocean. They also fished there since sea life was abundant in these sanctuaries.

The seaweed beds are carefully managed so there is no overharvesting. Biodiversity is maintained.

After harvest it is quickly brought to shore to be dried geothermally at low temperatures. This preserves the bioavailability of the product. The nutrition is sealed in.
Sustainable Harvest

Thorvin Kelp is environmentally, economically and socially harvested responsibly and sustainably.

Store your kelp in a dry, cool place. Available as granules (like a meal).

This is a photo of Iceland, next to the Artic Circle, where the sea is pure and clean.

Certified Organic for Best Nutrition

Certified organic by the USDA National Organic Program (NOP). This means that independent inspectors have verified the organic production methods for a good source of harvest, taken from the sea so it is sustainable, and it protects biodiversity.

The seaweed beds are not overharvested. Ecological balance is maintained. The kelp comes from pure ocean waters and is processed in clean facilities. This kelp has certification for use as an organic animal feed supplement.

Purity is Guaranteed

Thorvin Kelp is OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) listed for use in organic farms and gardens. OMRI tests raw materials used in producing products, how/where they are processed, and the quality of the end product.

All kelp with this seal has met strict standards. You are assured of a healthy product.

This photo is organic Thorvin Kelp from Iceland. It is granules (meal). This is what you receive: Icelandic Geothermal Asco Kelp Granules.

This kelp is Ascophyllum nodosum (Asco), a large, brown alga (Phaeophyceae) in the family Fucaceae. Found in the northern Atlantic Ocean.

It is also known as Norwegian kelp, Norway kelp, rockweed, knotted kelp, knotted wrack, or egg wrack.

A closeup photo of Thorvin Organic Kelp. It is showing 1 inch.
"The Holistic Orchard: Tree Fruits and Berries the Biological Way"

"Kelp meal (1-5 percent N, 3-10 percent potash). Seaweed has a variety of micronutrients in addition to the macronutrients, especially boron, copper, iron, manganese, and molybdenum. The organic matter of seaweed breaks down quickly in soil because its enzymes and amino acids stimulate the soil food web across the board."

"Kelp meal can be sprinkled atop different layers in building a compost pile or added en masse near the end of the finishing process (forked into the pile a month or two before fall application). Needless to say, foliar kelp added to the spray tank offers similar assurance." p.72

Michael Phillips recommends comfrey for fruit trees and bushes.

How to Use Thorvin Kelp
Analysis of Kelp for Plant Use
Analysis of Kelp for Animal Use

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