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Cream Brabanter Chicken Hatching Eggs
Rare, Critically Endangered
$4.50 per egg + $18 shipping. There is a 3 egg minimum.

Rare Cream Brabanter Chickens

Brabanters are a very old Dutch breed going back to the 1500s. They are from the region of Brabant between Belgium and the Netherlands.

Paintings by Melchior d'Hondecoeter from the 16th and 17th centuries show chickens that resemble the Brabanter (second image).

They almost went extinct in the 1900s but were brought back in the 1920s by Dutch poultry enthusiasts. There were a few birds still alive that were crossbred with their close relative the Dutch Owlbeard, a crested and bearded bird.

Now Brabanters are only found in Europe, United States and Canada.

This photo is a chick that is a few days old.

A great 48 second video of 1-month-old Cream Brabanter chicks.

"I am so glad I found you on the net. I did not know about the Brabanters until I acquired four...That was all it took for me to fall madly in love...LOL.

Eleven of the 13 eggs are growing! WAHOO! Am I ever excited as this is my first attempt at buying fertile eggs and hatching even though my friend is the one with the incubator."
-Karil, Bacliff, Texas

Fancy Heritage Breed

On its head it has a narrow top crest (tuft) that points up and forward. It looks like a Mohawk haircut. Very ornamental and cool looking.

This crest points forward like the hats women used to wear in the Appenzellerland of the Netherlands. Thus sometimes Brabanters are called Appenzellers. Another name for them is Brabançonne or Lemon Black-Spotted (Citroenzwartgetoept).

"Brabanters have so much personality. It's hard to walk past them without playing with them." -Chuck and Stacey, Eufaula, Alabama

Brabant Region of The Netherlands

This photo is from the province Brabant in the Netherlands.

"The region the chickens are from is called 'Brabant'. It is located in the south of The Netherlands on the border with Belgium. Brabanter means 'from Brabant'. I lived close to Brabant. Brabant has beautiful forest and meadows. Can't wait to hatch the eggs." -Ellen, Cheny, Washington

Bearded and Tufted Birds

The bird has a densely feathered, 3-part beard (muff) that sometimes covers their small wattles. (Wattles are the skin hanging down from their throats.)

Brabanters have a V-shaped comb with 2 small rounded spikes. (The comb is the soft reddish growth at the top of the head.)

Their comb and wattles are not prone to frostbite because they are small and protected by feathers.

Distinctive Creme Brabanters

The ear lobes are white and oval shaped. Their eyes are light brown. Their legs are slate blue color. They do not have feathers on their legs.

Brabanters are a light-weight standard-sized chicken. Cocks weigh 7 to 7.5 pounds. Hens weigh 5 to 5.5 pounds. It is a dual purpose bird: good for eggs and meat.

This photo is a 3-month-old Brabanter pullet (young hen).

"I am very excited to have these strikingly beautiful birds on my farm." -Daniel, Portland, Oregon

Colorful Patterns, Fancy Head Feathers

This photo is 6 adult female Cream Brabanters.

"The two Cream Brabanter eggs that went into lockdown came out and are fluffy little love nuggets. We are very excited to see how these guys are as they get older and look forward to ordering from you next spring." -Stacy, Dewittville, New York

Impressive Feathers

All of the feathers are cream with some feathers ending in a half-moon black spangle. (A spangled feather has a contrasting color at the end of the feather, shaped like a 'V' or half moon.)

Cream Brabanter Rooster Tail Feather

This photo and the one above it is the tail feather of a rooster.

Shipped Brabanter Eggs

These eggs arrived safely in New York state. Also enclosed were 2 flyers about incubating eggs.

"Out of the 6 eggs I set from you, all hatched. I couldn't be more pleased! We love our Brabanters, and are so excited to have a new batch!" -Lauren, Redding, California

Cream Brabanter Eggs in Incubator

This photo is from Rachel in Lynnwood, Washington.

"The Cream Brabanters I hatched out from you are a great joy! VERY beautiful and full of personality!

There is one mini rooster in the group who I have named Pip, and he's THE best forager I've ever seen! He really doesn't eat much grain and is always looking to pick insects out of the air and ground, along with enjoying cabbage, kale, and beets (that I give to the bunny they live with!)."
-Ryan, Woolley, Washington

Brabanter Eggs

Hens lay 150-200 large white eggs a year. They lay more eggs in the winter than most chickens.

These chickens have good fertility. They usually do not go broody but can sometimes. I have one pet hen I named "Friendly" who goes broody every spring. She is a good mother. She is now 9 years old.

This photo is a Brabanter egg with the chick pipping out of the shell.

"The Cream Brabanter eggs just arrived, and all are intact!! Thanks for the great packaging and the information sheets." -Cameron, Tyler, Texas

Adaptable Cream Brabanters

Brabanters are a calm breed that is good for kids. If you handle the chicks, they grow up to be docile and friendly.

They do well in confinement or free-range. They are good foragers.

This photo is 2 chicks that just got out of their shells. Their down will dry in a few hours. Right now they are resting.

"I received the Brabanter eggs today, they arrived wonderfully packed and intact. I have two little banty hens that started setting a couple of days ago, now they have a job to do!!" -Tony, Quincy, Illinois

Brabanter Hatchlings

These photos are some cute day-old Brabanter chicks.

"I am so very excited to see that you are selling these guys (Cream Brabanters) and the Ancona duck!" -Ryan, Sedro Woolley, Washington

Cream Brabanter Chick

This photo is a 3-day-old Cream Brabanter chick with attitude!

"I ordered Cream Brabanter hatching eggs from you 3 weeks ago. They all survived the shipping and were 100% fertile. Thank you so much for the beautiful eggs you sent. Despite my incubating experience, they are now hatching and are doing wonderfully. :) The Brabanters are 80% hatch rate (8 out of 10). I have associates whom I referred to you for Cream Brabanter hatching eggs. A great hatch rate considering they were shipped eggs. The chicks are adorable!" -Jimmie, Spring Hill, Florida

Cream Brabanter Chicks

These photos are 5-day-old Cream Brabanter chicks.

"We ended up getting four chicks, and I was ecstatic because we got 2 Dominiques and 2 Brabanters. I'll get back with you next year, and we'll do another hatch then! Take care, and thank you for the excellent work you do preserving these wonderful breeds." -Natalie, Lexington, Kentucky

Cream Brabanter Chicks

These photos are 8-day-old Cream Brabanter chicks.
Brabanter Chick

This photo is a 2-week-old Cream Brabanter chick. Notice the feathers starting to grow in. You can see the head tuft and beard. Adorable.

"Today has been an exciting day! Three chicks have hatched so far. They are doing great. They have already drank and have been checking out their food. And napping a lot. I have 3 left in incubation and one egg has been shaking a lot."

Then 2 days later: "I am so pleased! All six of the eggs hatched! They are all eating and drinking and they are super cute. 100% hatch rate!" -Rebecca, Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania

Cream Brabanter Chicks

These photos are 15-day-old Cream Brabanter chicks.

The top headdress on each chick has different feather colors and shapes.

3-Week-Old Creme Brabanters

At this age they are replacing their down with feathers.

5-Week-Old Cream Brabanters

Creme Brabanters Roosting

Brabanters are more intelligent than most other chickens.

The hens naturally go in the coop first at dusk. The roosters go in last. I usually have to shoo the roosters into the coop.

This photo is inside their coop. It is a male on the left and female on the right.
Fun Chickens

This photo shows the tuft, beard and muff on 2 hens.

"I have been looking for Cream Brabanters that were unrelated to any of the hatcheries, at least for a few generations or so. I plan on breeding to try and get the best of the best to UK standards. I don’t eat my chickens so any that don’t pass ‘muster’ will be sold for pets and the cuteness!" Jimmie, Spring Hill, Florida
Cream Brabanter Rooster

This male has a wild set of feathers on his head.

"One of this breeds greatest advantages is that the crest sticks right up into the air and leaves the eyes free. Thus, it does not get soiled as quickly and does not interfere with the Brabanter's vision. They are kept mainly as ornamental chickens." -'The Complete Encyclopedia of Chickens' by Esther Verhoff (Verhoef) and Aad Rijs, Netherlands, 2005
Cream Brabanter Rooster

Wild and looking for fun. To his left behind the cage wire, there is a Black-Breasted Red Old English Game bantam hen looking at him. She is full grown.

More Cream Brabanter Photos
Determining Sex of Brabanter Chicks


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