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Shipping Hatching Eggs
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Shipping Eggs: Information about ordering & shipping: Shipping Hatching Eggs. Please make sure your PayPal email address is good. I need to communicate with you about your eggs. If needed, send me a good email address.
Ordering More Than 1 Breed: It is $18 shipping total even if you order more than 1 breed. However, the PayPal shopping cart adds $18 additional shipping for each breed. If ordering more than 1 breed, email me at, and I can send a PayPal Money Request with the correct price.

Splash Old English Bantam Chicken Eggs for Sale 2017
$3.20/ Splash Bantam egg
Click on the PayPal "Add to Cart" Button.
Then fill in the number of hatching eggs. There is a 3 egg minimum. The $18 shipping is automatically added.

Broody Bantam Chicken Hatching Eggs from 6 Breeds, $3.20/egg.

  Click on the PayPal "Add to Cart" Button. Then fill in the number of eggs. There is a 3 egg minimum. You get eggs from 6 Bantam breeds: Buff Orpington, Cochin, Dominique, Easter Egger, Silkie and Splash. You can choose how many of each breed. The $18 shipping is automatically added.

Splash Old English (OE) Bantam Eggs

Eggs are cream colored. Splash hens lay about 120 eggs a year that have good fertility so hatching rates are high. The ideal mating ratio is 9-10 females to 1 male.

4-Day-Old Splash Chick

Splash Old English (OE) chickens are an ornamental breed from England. They have grayish-white and bluish-black spotted feathers, irregularly shaped. Each bird looks different from all the others.

7-Day-Old Splash Chick

Splash OE birds have long, healthy lives (12-15 years). Old English varieties have the record for the longest-lived chickens (19 years).

11-Day-Old Splash OE Chick

Old English chickens are a hardy breed. They do well in both cold and hot weather. They are superb foragers, finding bugs, seeds and other good things to eat out in nature.

11-Day-Old Chick

The beak varies from yellowish to brownish. Their eyes are reddish brown. They have a single comb and clean legs (no feathers on legs). The legs and toes are yellowish.

3-Week-Old Splash Cockerel

A cockerel is a male bird that is less than 1 year.

Roosters are graceful looking with a nice flowing tail. They are adventurous and courageous. They defend their hens from any predator trying to hurt them.

3-Week-Old Splash Pullet

A pullet is a female bird that is less than 1 year.

Splash Old English (OE) hens are friendly, sweet, sociable and lively. If handled from chicks, hens make very good pets for children.

7-Week-Old Splash Cockerel

"I have talked to several breeders and judges. Many of them have had the Splash variety for many years and keep them for their beauty." -'The Splash Old English' by Troy Jones, American Bantam Association, 1981 Year Book
7-Week-Old Splash Pullet

"Splashes are very useful in breeding for the improvement of many breeds and varieties. Splashes vary greatly in color depending on how they are bred. Ground color may be very pale or very dark, and with all shades of patching and shafting." -'The Splash Old English' by Troy Jones, American Bantam Association, 1981 Year Book
7-Week Old Splash Old English Poultry

Splash hens weigh about 22 ounces (1.375 pounds), pullets weigh 20 ounces (1.25 pounds).

Roosters weigh about 24 ounces (1.5 pounds), cockerels weigh 22 ounces.

8-Week-Old Splash Cockerel

Splash chickens can be flighty if they are in a noisy or disruptive environment. My farm is quiet so when I walk around my chickens, they stay calm.

8-Week-Old Splash Pullet

Splash Old English chickens are good at flying which means they can get away from predators quickly. If you don't want them flying, you can trim some of their wing feathers. This is not painful because you only cut the feather, not the skin.

4-Month-Old Splash Cockerel

It is standard practice at poultry shows for the comb and wattles of Splash OE male birds to be docked / dubbed (removed). I do not do that to my chickens ever. I like the way they look with their combs and wattles.

Old English are very popular at poultry shows.

Splash Rooster and 2 Cockerels

The two cockerels are 9 months old. The rooster is 2 years old. You can see the differences in coloring.

Splash Rooster & Cockerel with Hens

Splash OE has been admitted into the "American Standard of Perfection" publication several times, but is currently not listed by the American Poultry Association. Perhaps in the future they will be listed again.

Splash Hens Sitting on Eggs

Old English varieties currently listed: Black, Birchen, Blue, Brassy Back, Brown Red, Crele, Columbian, Cuckoo, Ginger Red, Blue Brassy Back, Blue Breasted Red, Blue Golden Duckwing, Blue Silver Duckwing, Fawn Silver Duckwing, Black Breasted Red, Black Tailed Buff, Golden Duckwing, Lemon Blue, Mille Fleur, Quail, Red Pyle, Self Blue, Silver Blue, Silver Duckwing, Spangled, Wheaten, White, and Blue Wheaten.

More Splash Old English Photos


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