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Silkie Bantam Poultry: Sweet and Friendly

Silkie Bantam Chicks

These 2 photos are from Jordan in Granite Falls, North Carolina. Notice the feathers on the feet of the chick being held.

5-Day-Old Partridge Silkie (Silky)

"Of the many quaint and charming varieties of exhibition Bantams, the Silkie is undoubtedly one of the most attractive to the show-visiting public. It is an ideal show bird- a true representative of that class of miniature poultry to which the term 'fancy' is applicable." -'American Bantam Association Book of Bantams for the Beginner, Breeder, Exhibitor and Judge', published 1967.

8-Day-Old Buff Silkie Chick

"I have never seen a breed quite so affectionate and trustful towards their owner. All our birds are perfect pets and seem to realize that we will not harm them. Our little hens will 'talk' to us, and the cocks enjoy petting and being made over." -L.D. Fike, 1925, 'Silkies: American Bantam Association'

"Chicks are one week old and doing good! Included are a few pics of my daughters with them. Thanks!" -Carolyn, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Happy Children with Baby Chicks

4-Week-Old Blue Silkie Chick

"Nobody keeps Silkies that doesn't love to raise chicks in nature's way for it is in this capacity they excel. They are easily moved and settle down quickly on anything that looks like an egg. If I were a baby chick, it would be hard to imagine anything nicer than a Silkie mother to snuggle up to." -Per Lee, 1932, 'Silkies: American Bantam Association'

4-Week-Old Gray Silkie Chick

"The Silkies are one of the oldest, most beautiful rare breed of bantams. They appear to be animated powder puffs to those who view them. With their silky, fluffy plumage they look as if they are formally dressed for a special occasion." -Ruth Bowles, 1964, 'Bantam Chickens' by Fred P. Jeffrey

The below photo is 7-Week-Old Silkie chicks.

7-Month-Old Buff Silkie Pullet with Friends

"Silkies derive their name from the long, soft, silky fluffy textured plumage. The webless feathers give the birds a soft fur-like appearance like a rabbit or Angora cat. Ladies are attracted to this breed, and the feathers are a source of various handicraft projects. A few of these are the making of beautiful hats, miniature Christmas trees, and even cloth has been woven from them." -Ruth Bowles, 1964, 'Bantam Chickens' by Fred P. Jeffrey

Broody 7-Month-Old Partridge Silkie Pullet

"As sitters and brooders Silkies have no rivals, excepting their half-bred offspring with featherless legs and feet. Crossed with the Wyandotte Bantam, the Silkie will breed the best sitting and brooding fowls that any Bantam breeder could own." -'American Bantam Association Book of Bantams for the Beginner, Breeder, Exhibitor and Judge', published 1967.

10-Month-Old Bantam Silkie Cockerel

"Silkie Bantams are pleasant creatures: They are trusting and calm and can be easily 'trained to the hand'. If you let them run free, they will not scatter all over the neighborhood. Because of their feather structure, they are unable to fly, so that low fences will keep these chickens on your premises."

-'The Complete Encyclopedia of Chickens' by Esther Verhoff (Verhoef) and Aad Rijs, Netherlands, 2005

10-Month Old Bantam Silkie Cockerel

"The weight of a Silkie Bantam is around 600 grams (21 ounces). Thus, the animal weighs just under half of what its large namesake does. At a distance, Silkie Bantams look like hairy balls. This is due to the feature from which the breed takes its name, to wit its feathers that look like hairs from a distance."

-'The Complete Encyclopedia of Chickens' by Esther Verhoff (Verhoef) and Aad Rijs, Netherlands, 2005

Group of 10-Month-Old Silkie Bantams

One male with females. One female is in her nest box.

10-Month-Old Bantam Silkie Pullet

"They are very frequently and persistently broody. They are highly reliable sitters. This is why the hens of the Silkie Bantams are often used as foster mothers for eggs and chicks of bantam breeds that are not so expert in this field."

"Once a hen of this miniature breed is broody, it is very hard to get her to change her mind. Even though you leave her no eggs, she will simply keep on sitting. So you should see to it that she eats and drinks enough, and should also take her off her nest regularly encouraging her to do so."

-'The Complete Encyclopedia of Chickens' by Esther Verhoff (Verhoef) and Aad Rijs, Netherlands, 2005

10-Month Old Bantam Silkie Pullet

10-Month-Old Bantam Silkie Pullet

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