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$10.90: Buy "Sexing All Fowl" Book
By Loyl Stromberg. 96 pages, 2002. Shipping is $2.95.
$19.80: Buy "Sexing All Fowl" Book and "A Guide to Better Hatching" Book. Shipping is $3.99.
$34.90: Buy "A Guide to Better Hatching" Book and "Western North Carolina Farm and Garden Calendar". Shipping is $3.99.

$9.90: "Winter Chickens" DVD. 36 minute DVD by the University of Alaska about taking care of chickens in cold weather. Good for all states that have cold winters. Shipping $1.95.

Sexing All Fowl, Baby Chicks, Game Birds, Cage Birds
By Loyl Stromberg
2002 Revised Edition

"Sexing All Fowl"
by Loyl Stromberg

Revised Edition 2002
96 Pages, 6" by 9"

Learn how to sex all types of fowl such as chickens, ducks, geese, swans, pheasants, quail, pigeons, doves, partridge, grouse, woodcocks, canaries, finches, cockatiels, lovebirds, parrots, pea fowl, ratites, ostrich, and rhea. Includes sexing babies and adults. A classic.

Page 11 from "Sexing All Fowl": "The widely used Japanese method of determining the sex of newly hatched chicks, and several American variations of that method, depend primarily on the fact that the male chick has a tiny penis while the female has a still tinier organ."
Table of Contents (part 1)

Why Do Sex Differences Exist
History of Chick Sexing
Guide to Determining Sex of Baby Chicks
Identifying Your Sexed Birds
Compatible Pairs Essential
Factors Affecting Sex Ratio
More Females Per Hatch
Jesperson's Law Pertaining to Sex Ratios
Down Color of Common Domestic Poultry

Chickens and Water Fowl
Simple Adult Chicken Identification
Sexing Baby Chicks
Sight-Sexed Baby Chicks
Determining Sex of Geese and Swans
Sexing of Ducks & Ducklings
Sexing Wild Waterfowl

The page to the left shows how to identify male/female in adult chickens. The hackle and saddle feathers of males are pointed. The female feathers are round at the ends.

Table of Contents (part 2)

Game Birds
Vent Sexing Guineas (Guineafowl)
Sexing Day Old Ringneck Pheasant Chicks
How to Determine Sex in Coturnix Quails
Determining Sex of Mountain Quail
Sexing of Button Quail
More Information on Sexing Quail
Determination of Sex of Chukar Partridge
Methods of Sexing Eared Pheasants
Eared Pheasants- Measure Wattles
Determining Sex of Ruffed Grouse
Visual Sex Differences in Ruffed Grouse
Determining Sex of Sharp Tailed Grouse
Age-Sex Identification of Woodcocks
Pigeon Sex Determination- Measure Beak
Sexing of Pigeons
Sex Doves: Ringneck, Diamond, Zebra

This page from the book shows how to hold a chick when sexing it.

Table of Contents (part 3)

Cage Birds
Sexing Canaries, Finches, Cockatiels
Sexing of Lovebirds
Sexing Parrots and Cage Birds
Sexing Parrots via Surgery
More on Parrot Sex Determination

Other Birds
White Pea Fowl (Peacock) Difficult to Sex
Sexing Ratites, Ostrich, Rhea
Color Sexing of Ostrich
Determing Sex of Monomorphic Birds
  (Both sexes look the same.)

The photo to the left is all Dominique chickens except for one Brabanter chicken. They are 7 weeks old. Sexing Dominiques at this age is easy. The males are lighter than the females. It is a male on the right at the front. The others are female. The color differences remain for their entire lives.

Table of Contents (part 4)

Ancient & Old-Timer Methods
Pioneers Method of Sexing
Setting Hatching Eggs by Signs of Moon
Breeding Animals & Setting Eggs by Moon
Interesting Ancient Beliefs
Ancient Farmers Almanac Quotations
Interesting Ancient Writings

Science & Technology
Research Bulletins on Sex Determination
Matings Involving Sex-Linkage
Capons- the Unsexed Chickens
Crossing for Wing-Sexing
Micro-Sexing (cells and microscope)
Laparotomy on Small Birds, Parrots
Optical Sexing Instruments
Sexing Gadget Indicators

Fowl Organizations
American Pheasant & Waterfowl Society
List of Gamebirds Clubs
Recommended Bird Magazines
Society for Preservation of Poultry Antiquities
American Poultry Association
American Bantam Association

This page is how to sex ducklings.

Do-It-Yourself Sexing
Page 74 of "Sexing All Fowl"

"My wife and I sex our chicks at day old, with about 85% accuracy. The ones with longer legs and/or longer toes are invariably cockerels, while the shorter legs and toes are pullets."

The page to the left is the internal sexual differences of birds. The testicles and ovaries are below the lungs and above the kidneys near the adrenal glands.

Have Fun Raising Your Birds

Page 78: Contentment, written in 1892

"Once on a time an old red hen
Went strutting round with pompous clucks,
For she had little babies ten,
A part of which were tiny ducks.
'Tis very rare with hens,' said she,
'Have baby ducks as well as chicks;
But I possess, as you can see,
Of chickens four and ducklings six.'

The photo to the left is 2 Tricolor Ancona male ducks. The males have a curled tail. Females have a straight tail.

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