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Cherokee Trail of Tears Black Beans
Cultural Heritage of Native Americans

History and Heritage

"It's part of the oath every Tribal Councilor, Assistant Chief and Chief takes to preserve the history, heritage and culture of the Cherokee people. These are varieties of seeds the Cherokee have planted and sustained long before contact– long before we had a written history." -Principal Chief Bill John Baker, Daily Press Tahlequah, Oklahoma

Passed From One Generation to the Next

"The process of harvesting seeds and passing them down has gone on for generations. To keep these strains alive with this genetic makeup is a testimony to our people. Other civilizations around the world have lost their crops. Companies today genetically engineer plants to have some of the characteristics that our seeds have naturally." -Principal Chief Bill John Baker, Daily Press Tahlequah, Oklahoma
Ancient Traditions

"The seeds were widely cultivated by the Cherokees for centuries, but along with some of the other old ways, the tradition of planting the ancient crops was nearly lost. Now, through the Nation's efforts, Cherokee gardeners are connecting with their agricultural heritage by growing crops planted from the heirloom seed bank." -Muskogee Phoenix, Tahlequah, Oklahoma

Seed Bank

"The Cherokee Nation's seed bank was inspired by the Svalbard Global Seed Vault in Norway which preserves seed specimens from around the world for human posterity. The Cherokee seed bank preserves genetically pure examples of the ancient varieties of staple crops grown by the Cherokee people since they began farming thousands of years ago." -Muskogee Phoenix, Tahlequah, Oklahoma

Cherokee Language and Agriculture

"We quickly realized in working with the Cherokee Elders that the seed program was a huge bonus for the language program. We were learning that some of the ecology-related Cherokee words were either forgotten or were being forgotten. This is a way to keep the Cherokee language as preserved and as up to date as possible. This program is important for preserving Cherokee culture." -Cherokee Phoenix, Tahlequah, Oklahoma

This photo was taken mid-August.

This photo was taken mid-August.

This photo was taken at the end of August.

This photo was taken at the end of August.

This photo was taken at the end of August.

This photo was taken in mid-September.

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